Authority, Solid and Liquid, in Postnational Governance

transparent-liquid-drops-splash-wide-hd-wallpaperI have a new piece out on ‘Authority, Solid and Liquid, in Postnational Governance’. It formulates a number of initial ideas behind my project on liquid authority and forms a chapter in a volume on ‘Authority in Transnational Legal Theory’, edited by Maks del Mar and Roger Cotterrell and published by Edward Elgar Publishing. The volume does a great job in assembling engagements with the question of authority in the transnational sphere from very different perspectives, with contributions from Keith Culver & Michael Giudice, Neil Walker, Nicole Roughan and Horatia Muir Watt, among others. Very much worth reading! Details on the book can be found here; the online version is here. My chapter is freely available here – the abstract is below.