edited volumes and special issues

Entangled Legalities Beyond the State, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2021   Full text

Liquid Authority in Global Governance, Symposium in 9 International Theory (2017)   Abstracts and full text

Subsidiarity in Global Governance, Symposium issue of Law and Contemporary Problems 79:2 (2016) (edited with Markus Jachtenfuchs)  Full text

Global Governance as Public Authority: Structures, Contestation, and Normative Change, Symposium, 10:4 International Journal of Constitutional Law 976-1133 (2012)  Full text

A broader set of papers appeared in a symposium of the Jean Monnet Working Papers, nos 6/11 to 14/11 (co-edited with E Heidbreder, M Jachtenfuchs and JHH Weiler)   Full text

Global Administrative Law and the International Legal Order, Symposium Issue, 17:1 European Journal of International Law (2006) (edited with B Kingsbury)   Full text

The Emergence of Global Administrative Law, Symposium Issue, 68:3 Law & Contemporary Problems 1-377 (2005) (edited with B Kingsbury, RB Stewart and J Wiener)   Full text

World Court Digest III (1996-2000), Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, XVI, 745 pp. (edited with K Oellers-Frahm, C Walter and A Zimmermann)   More information